Medical SEO

Unlike traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) projects, particular experience and expertise are required for healthcare SEO. In this sector in particular, people often use Google in a different way to usual. Innovative approaches can help ensure that sites are found by potential customers.

In order to help you meet the expectations of your users in this highly competitive environment, we have specialised in the area of medical SEO.

With us, medical SEO is based on excellent pharmaceutical expertise and over 25 years of experience in the relevant market in combination with SEO measures that really work.

SEO on an equal footing

We know all about the pitfalls that can be encountered online, as well as the restrictions that need to be complied with and the various undiscovered opportunities offered by the market. With us, you'll be talking to experts but on an equal footing.

Medical SEO by Dr. Kaske will help you to:

Reach the right target group at the right time

Generate visibility instead of discoverability

Communicate your USPs to the relevant people in a clear and noticeable manner