In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day business, there is often only enough time to carry out very basic processing of highly complex issues. This is fully acceptable in itself, and is actually an intentional approach. After all, you can buy expertise and work from external service providers to fill the gaps. And that's where we at Dr. Kaske see our core competence.

But it's also crucial that we are able to explain what we do, which is what our reporting is for, and to explain why we do things the way we do, which is where our workshops come in. In these workshops, we work with you to set out the theoretical foundations step by step.

The procedure

Identify topics

We work together to identify the relevant topic or topics. Or in other words: We give the issue a name.

Agenda creation

Taking into account the professional backgrounds of the workshop participants, we create an agenda and discuss this with you before it is finalised.


The preparation of the workshop will include your specific issues, and you will decide how often we will get together for discussions during the draft phase.


We can hold the workshops anywhere you like. We would be happy to welcome you to our central office in Munich, where we can also offer excellent catering services.