Whether the first mover or the last mover: Nowadays, doing business with shipping companies is unavoidable, and if a company doesn't get involved here, this only leaves the field open for its competitors. On the other hand, we also know that starting something half-heartedly will not lead to success.

A mail-order pharmacy is more than simply "a pharmacy on the Internet"

Even though this may sometimes seem the case, mail-order pharmacies are in fact much more than pharmacies with 24-hour ordering and consistently high discounts, just as Amazon is more than just a book retailer. Shipping companies have been managed by KAMs at all pharmaceutical groups for years, and help bring about a double-digit percentage increase in sales and turnover year after year. Only very few manufacturers make use of the huge volume of data that accumulates in the mail-order business.

Here at Dr. Kaske, we are working in precisely this area – we have been analysing the mail-order business and advising and coaching manufacturers and shipping companies for over 5 years now. We use a data-based working system, including our own in-house-developed SaaS for transparent monitoring.

What exactly do we do?

We work together with our customers based on individual Service Level Agreements and data-driven project controlling. This helps to create transparency.

Establishing the status quo

When we collaborate with a new customer, we start by establishing the status quo in the mail-order business. This involves looking at all relevant KPIs and giving manufacturers a highly detailed overview of the entire mail-order commercial landscape.

Solution development

It's good to know where you stand. The next step sees us searching for and developing solutions together with all stakeholders.

Success monitoring

KPI-based working makes regular success monitoring much, much easier. We will of course also visualise the figures.

Allocation of advertising subsidies

Advertising subsidies are indispensable in a close partnership between a manufacturer and a shipping company. We will analyse and optimise your use of these subsidies, which will benefit both the manufacturer and the mail-order pharmacy.

Data preparation

We won't leave you to figure out complex tables of figures on your own. We are happy to help with the graphical preparation and interpretation of the data.


With our extensive expertise in the mail-order business, the Dr. Kaske team can also provide sales support on request.