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Online-Pharmacy-Study UK

eCommerce is booming throughout Europe. Increasing numbers of pharmacies are also trading online. Sempora estimates that the European mail-order sector will have a volume of €6.5 billion by 2020.

Great Britain accounts for 45% of the European mail-order and online market for OTC products in Europe, generating revenues of €1.5 billion. Online trading with OTC products is already firmly established in the UK, where mail order is responsible for around 10% of the accumulated OTC revenue.

Our Online Pharmacy Study for the UK analyses which of the mail-order pharmacies are best prepared for the future. It includes a detailed benchmarking of the 7 best shops based on what consumers see as the 5 key factors in online marketing: Price, SEO, service, traffic and usability.

Superdrug takes the top spot

The first place goes to Superdrug. The shop catches the eye with very good scores in most of the individual categories (price, traffic, service, usability, SEO). Traffic and price are particularly noteworthy. There is room for improvement compared to the other pharmacies in regard to usability.

The top 7 mail-order pharmacies in the UK

  • Superdrug –
  • Lloyds Pharmacy –
  • UK Meds –
  • The Independent Pharmacy –
  • Tesco –
  • Boots UK –
  • Clear Chemist –
  • Pharmacy First –
  • Chemist Direct –