Shipping pharmacy

We know all about the conflicting issues of terms and conditions, advertising subsidies, customer price expectations and contribution margins. And the day-to-day aspects of shop optimisation, such as the conflict of objectives between shop system and usability, are what we do best.

That's what we in the Dr. Kaske team work on enthusiastically day after day. We follow a holistic approach in our work, meaning that we analyse aspects along the customer journey at both a macro and a micro level.

SEO - Search engine optimisation

SEA - Search engine advertising

Conversion optimisation

Reputation management

The collected data is used to carry out a KPI-based status-quo analysis, and internal Dr. Kaske data is added in order to identify areas of potential.

Prioritisation is performed based on the principle of the cost-benefit calculation, and depending on the available resources, this information is then used to establish the project roadmap and the project objectives.

This then forms the basis for project controlling.